Sunday 27 March 2016

Day 42 Notes

From the Mavora Lakes It was to Manapouri for the day via Te Anau this was 99km trip. The Lakes in the morning are stunning, however bloody cold my Garmin was reading 1.7 degrees on the bike. I also lost my bum bag  (the bag that’s got my spare tubes in case of a puncture kind of important) in the first 5Km so I backtracked until I found it. Had to go back 4km making it a longer trip than planned.  I must remember to secure it to the bike even if it is cold. It was gravel road all the way to the Key but down 95% of the way then joined SH95 to Te Anau. I found the Te Anau winds coming in so the last 20km or so where quite hard. Te Anau is a lovely town, had the best pie to date in Te Anau lamb and mint.  From Te Anau it was an easy trip to Manapouri.  The Camp ground we staying at is a little out of town but my goodness it is set up well. Will head down to Riverton tomorrow which is 130Km. Hard to believe I only had 2 days left of my trip. The time has gone so fast.  

See GPS data here
The Lakes in the morning. 

Stunning but bloody cold.

Lovely ride out of the lakes easy.

Having fun with the camera.

Following the river downstream.

About 50Km on gravel road today.

Made it, those winds slowed me down a little (lot)

The Lake at Te Anau

A small break.

Well Okay, I will stop in Manapouri

At the main water front park at Manapouri

All the places I have yet t do down here.

Camp for the night.

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