Thursday 10 March 2016

Day 25 Notes

It was back to the wet coast today, I reckon it would be drier if I was swimming.  The West Coast Wilderness Trail continued to impress between Hokitika and Ross. I did a Golf Course, Old timber workings, a swamp, more forest and a nice long gravel road.  The ride started okay with a little drizzle but started to become more persistent when coming in towards Ross. After Ross it was wet wet all the way down to the bottom Mt Hercules.  I was soaked.  But surprise! Whataroa has turned on the sunshine for our stay overnight. Weather looking good for tomorrow. 110Km today then will do 130Km tomorrow.  

See full GPS data here

Riding on the golf course.

A bit on the grass

Into an old timber saw mill site

More forest rides

Nice riding.

Nice bridges mixing new and old.

New bridge over the old near Ross.

On the log.

Typical west coast road, on the way down to Whataroa. 

Look Blue sky over Whataroa.

Look! snow on the Alps.
Whataroa - Gateway to the to the south - West Land Wold Heritage Area. Right Catherine Holland? ( nee Robertson) 

Welcome to Whataroa.

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