Sunday 13 March 2016

Day 26 Notes

Wow what a different day, yesterday was raining all day however today was sunny as sunny can be and I really enjoyed it. Leaving Whataroa it was easy road cycling to Franz Josef, the first of two glaciers. As the trip today was 120km I did not go to the Franz Josef glacier but cycled on. I knew that I would have three good hills between Franz Josef and Fox. These hills are not that hard by numbers but they did take some effort to get over. I cycled with someone I picked up on the second hill all the way to Fox, had a bite to eat then off to the glacier. This was a very pleasant ride they have done a lovely cycling/walking track very nicely all the way up to the car park. This is as far as you can take you bike, so I had to lock the bike and walk the rest of the way to the glacier. Now let’s just say I got some looks. Lycra and a bike are Okay. Lycra with a bike left behind 2km at the car park is not. Hell I was going to see the glacier. It is impressive, the river of melting ice is mind boggling. Back down from the glacier and back onto my bike it was then a ride from Fox to Lake Paringa. I was originally going to say at Pine Grove, but thought I could extent the day to Lake Paringa. This proved a very wise choice as the camp ground at Lake Paringa offered us a lake front view. Simply awesome . With Tacos and Matus for dinner I was a very happy man.

See GPS data here

Leaving Whataroa

A glimpse at Franz Josef 

A rest at Franz Josef.

View the fox valley.

The Track up to the Fox Glacier

It just get better.

Look at the water.

At the top near the Fox Glacier 

The views are just amazing 

The road just before Bruce Bay

Going in Land towards Paringa

Lake Paringa Home for the night.

Setting up.. for the night.

Sorry Rachel, it was to good.

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