Thursday 24 March 2016

Day 38 Notes

Oamaru to Hyde this was a transition stage to get to the Otago Rail Trail, I followed the coast from Oamaru until Waianakarua where I had to join SH1.  On SH1 took a little detour to see the Moeraki  Boulders. These are interesting features on the beach erosion at work exposing the boulders.  It was then into Palmerston where I stopped for lunch the Lasagna was calling me.  Out of Palmerston heading along the road I took the turn at Dunback where the climb of the day started,  gravel for the first section and long steep it was a 500m climb over around 8km its a long climb for gravel.  Rejoined the main road again and was greeted with more hills. Climbed for seemed ages all the way up to the Oceania Gold Mine open pit.  Stopped for a quick view, It looks bigger than the Waihi pit. It was then the start of the downhill you drop 350m in 6Km with no real bends it was fast  I topped out at 86km per hour.  It was then just a short cruse into Hyde. Hyde was much smaller than expected.

See GPS data here

Leaving Oamaru 

Down the coast.

Moeraki Boulders

A historic bridge

Up the gravel road. 

Gold Mine, near the top of the hill. 

Dead wild pigs, not welcome here.

The road down, 80km per hour. top speed 86km per hour.

Hyde is an after thought to the sign. 

Hyde Hotel

Well earned beer.

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