Sunday 6 March 2016

Day 21 Notes

It is hard to believe we now the end of week three, today was Murchison to Springs Junction. The most exciting bit was the Maruia Saddle. The cycle out of Murchison was easy cycling, you hit the gravel road and get the classic sign warning that 4WD is recommended. I was going to give this ride a go with a 1WD.  It was a good ride with 6 stream crossings and brilliant views all the way and the gradients where not that hard with the track in good condition much easier than the Maungatapu track. Coming off the track got on to SH65 Road which was a little busy, Road on that until Maruia which had a great little cafĂ© in the middle of nowhere where I stopped and had a coffee and ginger crunch. Then it was back on my way to Springs Junction for the night.

GPS data here

The morning. where we parked, the Buller river just though those trees.

Today's challenge just ahead.

Crap, I only have a one wheel drive. that will have to do.

On the gravel before the saddle.

Nice riding.

Over the river we go. 

The start of the Saddle.

Stream one.

Stream two.

Stream four.

Crossing five ahead

Check out the overhang.

Switch backs on the way down.

Coffee at Maruia, Nice.

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