Thursday 24 March 2016

Day 37 Notes

Duntroon to Oamaru,  the last day of the Alps to Ocean ride. It is a good section, and a little more lumpy than you would expect.  The first stop was at elephant rocks where we had a chat to the Farmer who owns the land. Lovely guy.  He pointed out some of the elephants to us. As we came out of the first section of trail and back on to road we missed the trail turn off and ended up doing a long section by road, we elected to pick up the trail down the way and back track to the tunnel rather than going back up a nice long downhill we had just taken. Visited the tunnel and back down on to the trail. The end of the trail is not as exciting as the beginning so it took a while to get from Windsor to Outskirts of Oamaru, it was then a case of follow the red gravel road. The ride into Oamaru is fantastic, you go from the red path into a tracks on the side of the road through the Oamaru Public Gardens ( which are beautiful ) through the main town centre, into the Old Town with all is it's historical buildings and down to the pier.  A  great way to end a fantastic trail.

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