Sunday 27 March 2016

Day 41 Notes

Today was a great ride starting from Queenstown, I jumped on the Earnslaw across to Walter Peak Station.  The Earnslaw only left at 10AM so it was a late start to the riding today. The trip across on the Earnslaw is great as you can see how the old steam ship works. From Walters Peak I cycled on the only road out, you cannot do go wrong. In general it is a very good gravel road with only a few hiccups. 
1) had to ride passed a Bull. I was hoping that Orange was not the same as red. 
2) a river crossing that was a little deeper than I expected and got my feet truly wet as put then down to save myself falling in. 
3) a little 300m gravel climb. The views from the top were worth it.  

It was then on to Mavora Lakes. We camping on the South Lake, but I did a ride up to the North Lake. The Lakes are great, there are wild mushrooms in the forests as you go by the lakes. Todays ride is up there with the best on my tour.

See the GPS data here

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