Thursday 24 March 2016

Day 36 Notes

Omarama to Duntroon the day of Dams.  Leaving Omarama we took a mixture of road and trail to Otematata. The first section was road and then on to trail which ran next to Lake Benmore. This lake is deceptively big with sprawl when you look at a map but we could always see the other side. Once we got to Otematata we backtracked a little to the Lake Benmore Dam. This has one of the generation tunnel sections available for you to see up and close and boy it is big, it's hard to imagine all that filled with water pushing down on a turbine.  From there we climbed up onto the dam wall and down to Lake Aviemore  with the generation feeds. Lake Aviemore is always going to stick in my mind as the dead kangaroo Lake. We saw many dead  kangaroo’s at the side of this lake all the way down. Don’t know what the story is but is very unusual to see a kangaroo let alone a dead one. When we got to Aviemore Hydro station we rode over the dam wall to the other side to go down Lake Waitaki  to Kurow. From Kurow we followed the trail near the Waitaki river all the way down to Duntroon. We parked in the Duntroon Domain for the night.

See GPS Data here

The sign we missed. 

Rach rounding up sheep.

Riding next to Lake Benmore

Best friends.

Stopping to pick some apples, a core that grew.

The Up hill to get to Otematata.

Top of Lake Aviemore

Benmore Dam

Those water tunnels are big.

Having Fun.

Riding on the Dam wall.

The Spill Gates.

Rach interested in the Huddle

Day 4...

Look only 76km by road.

We got there.

Must hold the sign up.

Wild Blackberries, one week too early.

The soft stuff.

Coming into Duntroon  

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