Monday 7 March 2016

Day 22 Notes

Wet wet wet. Todays ride started in the rain, which continued on and off all day. It looks like I need to get used to the rain as it is set in for a few days. Welcome to the West Coast. I went from Springs Junction to the historic town of Blackball. It was a quick ride less than 4 hours for 100km all road and lots of good downhills with not too many uphills. The ride from Springs Junction to Reefton was just awesome, you climb for about 8km out of Springs Junction to the top of Rahu Saddle and then it is mostly downhill following the Inangahua River all the way. This is possibly the longest stretch of mainly downhill I have ever done just awesome easy riding. Had a stop at Reefton for a coffee (the biggest coffee I have ever had) then on to Blackball from there. We are painting the town tonight and going to splash out at the “Blackball formerly known as the Blackball Hilton” for a meal as I have just clocked out 2000km today.

See GPS Data here
Down hill ride today.

Freedom camping last night.

Wet wet wet start to the day.

Into the clouds.

Look at the clouds, had a little break from the rain.

Still happy on the bike.

Going to ride into the cloud.

Coffee break in Reefton

Another bridge to cross.

More bridges... look at the clear water.

Moonlight 1865.

Bambi in a basket 

The Place for dinner tonight. 

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