Monday 14 March 2016

Day 28 Notes

Today was a short day from Makarora to Wanaka only 74km.  Leaving Makarora you hardly have to peddle for about 10Km its all just downhill as you following the Makarora river into lake Wanaka. You then following the edge of Lake Wanaka then road then cuts across and you pickup lake Hawea.  The size of these lakes is impressive the road on the Hawea is definitely harder than the Wanaka when coming towards Hawea.  The crossing to the Hawea side Is also the marker point (well at this point in time) where you get cell phone coverage again.  After leaving Fox you have to cycle more than 250km before you get cell phone coverage again. The west coast is a beautiful but remote place.  From Lake Hawea I picked up the Hawea river tail to Albert Town. I crossed the Clutha river then picked up a trail going up the Clutha river, this trail goes directly to Wanaka following the water line.  The Colour of the Clutha is a lovely blue with clear water.   Again a great day to be on the bike., I have decided that with a day up my sleeve I am going to go over the Crown Range tomorrow to Arrow town then to Cromwell.
See GPS data here
First view of lake Wanaka

Cycling next to Lake Wanaka

Cycling next to lake Hawea


Hawea is a big lake.Cycled all the way around that point,

Fist stop at the Clyde river

On the trail next to Clyde river

Lets just have a break.

Passion. Love it.

welcome to Wanaka.

Off the bike and having fun.

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