Tuesday 16 February 2016

Day 2 Notes

Day 2  Ahipara  to Opononi , much faster today back on the road. I think yesterdays cycle was an eye opener, the wind was one aspect but it hit me as I was cycling today, the beach was flat as a pancake, this means there was no freewheeling, that was 4:30 of cycling with no break. Today was lumpy but I did enjoy those long downhills where you just freewheel.  Had my first espresso after 160km at Kohukohu .  Then onto a ferry across to Rawene then on to Opononi  where it will be fish and chips for dinner tonight.

The GPS data is here

Look at those hills, it will be a little more lumpy than yesterday.

Coming into Broadwood, just need to get over that hill and then there will be coffee!

But alas no coffee - only a general  store so had to settle for a can of coke and as a side benefit I found a swing bridge ( first one of many on this trip).

Found the coffee at Kohukohu and I was lucky the barista started at 1PM and I arrived at 12:50. It was worth the 10 minute wait.

Off to the ferry with a 20 minute wait, not such a bad view

On the ferry.

Arrived at Opononi to setup up camp and settle down the best way possible.

The only step left is to go and get out fish and chips. Having fish and chips on the beach tonight.

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