Saturday 27 February 2016

Day 13 Notes

Today was a short cut ride to make sure I have plenty up my sleeve to connect with the Cook Straight ferry. Hunterville to Ashhurst  via road 54 was an easy road ride of only 61km.  The highlight was going over the Stormy point lookout this was a 250m climb over 4 km.  On a normal day this is a big climb but after my last few days this was just a blip. Great views from the top. After getting to Ashhurst  I took a ride on some of the local trails. There are some great hidden gems, the trail I took is a virgin trail not yet complete but will end up connecting to Palmerston North and it looks like it will be great for families. Tomorrow I am going up and close to those wind turbines with a ride over yhe saddle road from Ashhurst to Woodville and then on to Eketahuna.

Get GPS data here 

The start of the hill for the day.

There is my bed going past me, driver waving.

Almost at the top.

At the top. A good view from stormy point after that 250m climb.

Stormy point.
The start of the saddle road, tomorrows adventure.

Trying out the new unfinished trail. it is looking good.

Down by the river.

Doing a little river riding. 

Riding on the river bed.

A view down the river.

A break, river was quite low.

Part of the trail going towards Palmerston North  which is finished. It is looking great.  Get GPS data here

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