Sunday 28 February 2016

Day 14 Notes

The ride from Ashhurst  to Eketahuna  was just about all road today. The ride started with a climb over saddle road, this road is a good climb and will allow you to get close to the wind turbines. The turbines are huge standing underneath one you can appreciate the scale also the surprising speed of the outer edges of the turbines they look slow from a distance but believe me they are flying.  From there I was down balance road all the way along all the wind farms right to the end with the small New Zealand made two bladders. From there it was off to Pahiatua I was looking forward to a coffee but alas it is a small town and it is Sunday, so I had to settle for a OSM bar and more vita sport (yum .. not).  From  Pahiatua I when the back roads to Eketahuna  where I just had to get the classic killed by kiwi photo. WE staying at the  Eketahuna  Campground tonight and must say I like the campground, plenty of open spaces.  Tomorrow another road day to Greytown, before going back to the tracks through the Pakuratahi forest. The decision to short cut means lots of small cycles on the way down.

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Up Saddle road getting a sense of the scale of the turbines.

Looking back down saddle road.

You don't see a road steam train every day if it can get up so can I.

Trying to be creative

Standing underneath

Backroads between Pahiatua and Eketahuna   

Death by kiwi

Trying to be a local. Yea Right!

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