Thursday 25 February 2016

Day 10 Notes

Wow day 10 already. Today was an easy ride from Taumarunui to Ohakune all on road. It felt like I was flying today road all the way and no hard winds. The ride from Taumarunui  to the national park is a good ride with a few good uphill sections. Looking at the gps data it was over 1000m of climbing but after yesterday it felt easy. My new theory is if you want to improve you road hill climbing, go do trail hills.  Got snaps of three wooden sculptures placed along the way for entertainment. Then  had a stop for a coffee at  national park. Meet a guy from Wanaka who had been cycling for 7 weeks ( wow) he had a trailer on his bike and had been through the timber trail. That was impressive as I worked hard doing it with just a bike and hardly any gear.  The road from National Park to Ohakune is very fast. 

Wooden moa. Leaving Taumarunui 

wooden t-rex

wooden kiwi.

Great view from the road.

National Park. Wow.

Where I go tomorrow.

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