Monday 15 February 2016

Day 1 Cape Reinga to Ahipara via 90 mile breach

Day 1, was a good ride to begin the cycle. It was lovely to stay at Tapotupotu Camping area as I was able to get up early and get going. We were first at the Cape Reinga lighthouse and it was  unbelievable to be there at the start of by big journey; its been a long time.  The plan was to go down State Highway 1 then turn off at Te Paki continuing down the Te Paki Stream, then it was a day at the beach, that is 80km riding on the beach down to Ahipara. The wind was coming  from the south east making day 1 a hard start.

I tell you the camp ground is a basic camp ground in an ideal position.  This was the view from the out of the camper. Not so shabby. The only problem is that the location is so remote the internet does not exist.

Tapotupotu Camping area

Back to the cycle.
The starting point.

Going to Bluff even as the crow flies its a long way

The road ahead.

Just to make sure I was at at the tip as far as I can go with all three bottles loaded.

One more look back before I start my journey. It is now REAL, I'm on my way.

On the way down to Te Paki Stream... Lucky it was a cow not a bull. 

First thought that I should have put the Mtb bike wheels on.  ( anyone reading this use your wide tiers) 

Yip those 32cm were looking a little skinny .. Hmm just go for it there is no turning back. 

Easy riding.. what you don't see it my wheels stopping dead and falling sideways in soft stand. I was of course laughing while taking the tumble. Also I made the choice to go left on the stream at one place and found myself knee deep in water pedalling like mad to make sure I don't fall into the water. Must say, the 3km down the Te Paki was possibly the best part of today's ride.  But Mtb bike wheels would have been better. 

Once down to the beach it was an 80km ride down to Ahipara. This cycle was harder than I was expecting due to a westerly wind and I was cycling south south east. Cycling into westerly even though it was a little head wind and mostly cross wind was hard.  I remember when I bought the bike I was a little concerned that the gearing on the front ring was  42/28. I am a roadie so I cycle 53 / 39 which is normal for me on my road bikes. Lets just say having spent 80km  cycling into westerly I am very happy with the gearing as I spent the most part of the cycle in the small chain ring.  Came across the fella below not looking too good, maybe a bit sick. Poor fella.

Final stop Ahipara Holiday park where I enjoyed a warm shower and cold beer. All in a days work. 

If you want to see my cycle GPS here it is

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