Day 4 Dargaville to Auckland

Day 4 is about making my way back to my home town of Auckland.  But the twist is I am going to go back via the Kaipara Harbour.  This cycle is known as the Kaipara missing link.  Heading down south from Dargaville on river road head straight to Pouto Point.  This is 65 Km of roads I have never been on before, there will be a bit of gravel in there.
From Pouto Point I get the ferry to Parakai onto roads I have ridden 100's of times over.

I head back Home for the night. I will have to have a backup plan for this route as the ferry is dependent on both weather and tides.  The Backup if I know the ferry is not going the night before will be to cycle Dargaville  to Kaukapakapa. Where I will rest for the night. Then head to Auckland the next day.  The Other possibility is getting in late to Parakai so I will pack with me my night gear to Auckland or Kaukapakapa.

Day 3