Wednesday 11 May 2016

Day 44 Notes

The big day, I finally get to Bluff today, It was a short 70km ride from Riverton to Invercargill then on to Bluff. The Ride from Riverton to Invercargill was lovely but full and full of excitement. So After 44 days, 4072 km, 219 hours and 37 minutes in the saddle, 2 Islands, 85km on the beach, 15 of New Zealand’s iconic off road trails, Highest sealed road in the North Island, Highest sealed road in the South Island, 4 Alpine passes , not to mention some of New Zealand toughest climbs the Northern and Southern points of both islands, the West and East of the South Island Many km with no cell phone connection Zero punchers I have finally come to my end at Bluff and boy Bluff turned on the weather for me today. Wet wet wet. It’s been an amazing journey.

I am privileged to have been given this opportunity for which I will always cherish, I have seen New Zealand in a way very few people have had the opportunity from top to bottom and lots of off road. I am very much wealthier for the experience. 

Thanks to Rachel, thanks to my kids I love you guys and will be back tomorrow night. Thanks to Graham my father in law, who drove the camper following me without your support this trip would never have happened. You guys rock.

Route Riverton to Bluff Map
See GPS data here

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